Steering & Suspension

Steering & SuspensionIf you haven’t considered your car’s suspension in a while, you’re not alone. Miller Auto Care knows that this is one of the parts of your car that is vital and we want to help your car’s suspension keep working properly for years to come.

Why Is Your Car’s Suspension So Important?

The suspension system is one of the ones that most car owners forget about or don’t think about at all. In truth, if the suspension and steering are functioning properly, that is probably a good thing. Your car’s steering system is part of the overall suspension system, and it guides the car. The suspension system, including the chassis, springs, shocks, and struts, all help to minimize the impact of road conditions on passengers. It also helps to improve the car’s handling, including making steering easier.

Four Signs You Need Suspension Repair in Medford, OR

What’s it like when you need suspension repair? Well, for starters you’re likely to notice that the ride in your car is not nearly as comfortable as it used to be. You probably feel every single bump and jolt. But there are other signs, too.

  1. The car is difficult to steer, particularly when you’re going slower.
  2. Your car is pulling to one side or the other while you drive. The worse the problem is, the harder the car pulls.
  3. You might notice that your car sits lower than it used to or one corner is sitting at an odd angle.
  4. You’re hearing odd sounds as you turn the car.

If you’re noticing any of these issues, it’s time to have someone inspect your suspension system.

When Should Your Steering and Suspension Systems Be Inspected?

The first indication that you need your suspension and steering systems inspected is if you’re noticing that there’s something different about how they’re working. But what about if you don’t notice any issues? Is it okay to ignore these two crucial parts of the car? Your car’s owner’s manual lays out a schedule for inspecting these systems, which is typically around every 50,000 miles. It’s a good idea to have these systems visually inspected when doing other routine maintenance, though, like oil changes.

Steering & Suspension Near Me

Want to stay on top of your steering and suspension repair needs? Miller Auto Care in Medford, OR can help. We’ve got loaner cars as well as after-hours drop-off, complete with a key box, all for your convenience. And our three-year, 36,000-mile NAPA AutoCare warranty covers our repairs across the country.

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