Engine Repair

engine repairFor lots of car owners, engines are a mystery. They’re complex pieces of machinery and it’s not always easy to tell when something has gone wrong. Miller Auto Care has been around since 1931, and in our current location since 2014. We know a lot about engines, how to service them, and how to keep them in the best possible condition for our customers.

Your Car’s Engine Gets Really Hot

You know that your car’s engine can overheat easily, but you might not realize why. There are a few redundant systems that help your car’s engine to avoid overheating. That’s because car engines run extremely hot. Gas and air combine with a spark to create combustion, which is not a cool process. That’s why your car’s engine needs clean engine oil that’s the right type and a coolant system that’s functioning properly. If these redundant systems stop working, your car’s engine very quickly overheats.

Seven Signs of Possible Engine Damage in Medford, OR

With such a complicated system as your car engine, you need some obvious signs that there’s a problem.

  1. Your car’s check engine light comes on and doesn’t go away.
  2. Your car is overheating.
  3. You’ve got an oil leak under your car.
  4. Your car’s engine is running rough or is making other odd noises.
  5. Your car’s gas mileage is getting worse.
  6. There’s no get up and go when you hit the gas.
  7. You’ve got a lot of smoke pouring out of the exhaust.

If you’re seeing or hearing any of these signs, you may need engine repair in Medford, OR.

What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Car’s Engine Is Beyond Repair?

Maybe you already know that there’s something not right with your car’s engine. How can you tell that the problem is too far gone to repair, though? If the car’s engine won’t crank at all, you might have big problems, but the best way to know for sure what’s fixable and what isn’t is to take your car to a reputable mechanic so that they can take a closer look for you. That’s going to give you the most accurate answer so that you can make a decision.

Engine Repair Near Me

Miller Auto Care in Medford, OR has the experience to fix just about any engine problem. We even have loaner cars in case your repairs are going to take a while. Our three-year, 36,000-mile NAPA AutoCare warranty covers you anywhere across the country, too.

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