brakesYour car’s brakes are a vital system to keep in good working order. If you can’t stop, that causes other problems that are potentially dangerous. Miller Auto Care wants you to be safe in your vehicle, so we’re happy to inspect your brakes for you and let you know what we find.

Why Are Your Brakes Squealing?

If your brakes are squealing, you might be worried that means you’ve got a costly brake repair in the near future. After it, rains or snows, your car’s brake pads, and rotors might have developed a little bit of rust. The squealing sounds you’re hearing can be that rust scraping off. If this is the case, the squealing sounds will stop after you’ve used your brakes a few times. Continued squealing can mean that you’ve worn down the brake pads to something called the wear tabs. That’s your indication to have someone take a closer look at your braking system.

Four Other Signs You Need Brake Repair in Medford, OR

Besides squealing sounds, what else can let you know that you need brake repair?

  1. If your car starts to vibrate when you apply your brakes, that can be your brake pads wearing or your rotor wearing unevenly. Regardless, it means you need someone to inspect the system.
  2. When you press the brake pedal, does your car pull to one side? This can be a sign that the brakes on that side of the car have an issue.
  3. Check your dashboard for the brake light. If it’s on, double-check that your parking brake isn’t engaged. Light’s on and the parking brake is disengaged? Get to the mechanic.
  4. When you press the brake pedal, does it feel different, squishy, or just not right? It’s always best to get your brakes inspected in that case.

How You Can Protect Your Car’s Brakes

There is more that you can do to protect your car’s braking system than you might realize. First, if you don’t absolutely need to be hauling certain things in your car, especially if those items are heavy, take them out of the car. The next piece you have control over is your speed. When you’re consistently driving faster than you really have to, that puts more wear and tear on your brakes when you need to slow down.

Brakes Near Me

Suspect that there’s something not quite right with your brakes? Let us help at Miller Auto Care in Medford, OR. We’ve got a three-year, 36,000-mile NAPA warranty that covers you at over 14,000 NAPA AutoCare locations, nationwide.

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