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auto-ac-repairWhen your car’s air conditioner isn’t working, that means you and anyone riding in your car won’t be comfortable. Miller Auto Care knows that keeping all of the systems in your car operating at peak efficiency is important, and we’ve got some tips for you about your car’s AC.

What’s the Most Common Cause of AC Repair Issues?

Believe it or not, the most common reason that most people need to have their car’s air conditioning repaired is due to leaks. Hoses and even AC parts can all develop leaks, which reduces pressure within the system and keeps it from working properly. The next most common problem is that belts decay and break, meaning that necessary parts aren’t turning the way that they’re supposed to.

How Can You Tell You Need AC Repair in Medford, OR?

You might think that it’s easy to tell when you need AC repair, especially if your car’s passenger cabin is hot no matter where you set the AC. That’s definitely a big indication that you need help with your car’s air conditioner, but there are other signs, too. If you’re hearing unusual sounds when the AC is running, like squealing sounds or grinding sounds, that’s a problem. Not sure it’s the AC? Turn it off, and if the sounds stop, the problem is in the air conditioning system. Also, if you’re noticing water puddling inside the passenger cabin or your air conditioner smells bad when you run it, you need to have someone inspect it.

Four Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s AC System

Try some of these simple tips for keeping up with how well the AC in your car is working.

  1. Run the air conditioner at least a couple of times a month for a few minutes at a time.
  2. Swap out your cabin air filter as often as recommended by your car’s manufacturer.
  3. Double-check your car’s owner’s manual for information about how often to have the air conditioning system recharged. Different manufacturers have different recommendations.
  4. Have your car’s air conditioner inspected periodically when you’ve got the car in the shop for some other service or inspection. This helps to spot problems before they become expensive.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

When you need help with your car’s air conditioning system, give Miller Auto Care in Medford, OR a call. Our three-year, 36,000-mile NAPA warranty means that you can trust our work on your AC repair and we’ve got after-hours drop off, complete with a key box for your convenience.

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