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alignments and tiresYour tires are what every part of your car rides on, so when they’re in bad shape, your car isn’t going to handle properly. Miller Auto Care wants your car to handle well and to be as safe as possible, so we’ve got the experience you need for everything from wheel alignments to brand-new tires.

When Do You Need New Tires in Medford, OR?

The frustrating but true answer for most car owners is that there’s no one right answer as to when exactly you’ll need new tires. What you need to do instead is to pay attention to how your tires are wearing, and that’s how you’ll know it’s time for new tires. If you’ve got uneven tread wear or the tread on all of your tires is low, you’re going to need new tires fairly soon. Something else to pay attention to is your air pressure. If you’re noticing that your tires aren’t holding pressure very long, you may have a slow leak.

What’s an Alignment and Why Do You Need One?

A wheel alignment is a process that corrects various settings on your car’s wheels so that they line up properly parallel and with the tire’s tread evenly touching the road. If you don’t periodically get your wheels aligned, your car’s tires will wear unevenly, you’ll have to buy new tires more often, and you risk damaging your car’s suspension system. Other signs you might need an alignment could include your car pulling to one direction as you’re driving and vibration in the steering wheel.

The Difference Between an Alignment and Tire Balancing

So, is there a difference between tire balancing and wheel alignment? Definitely! Wheel alignments make sure all the tires are pointed the correct way, and tire balancing makes sure that the tires themselves are balanced properly on each wheel. This is necessary because as much as tires look as if they’re exactly the same all around, there are slight differences in how the weight is distributed around the tire. Balancing the wheel helps the technician to know where to add weights to evenly distribute the weight so that your tires wear properly and your suspension and steering aren’t adversely affected.

Wheel Alignments Near Me

Need new tires or an alignment? Miller Auto Care in Medford, OR would love to help you. We can get the size and brand of tires you want the same day and get you back on the road again quickly. We’ll make sure your new tires are balanced and ready to go. And if you need an alignment too, we’ve got you covered.

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